Tiger iSync & iSync 1.2 Palm Conduit


Hello everyone.

Running tiger, just downloaded iSync 1.2 Palm Conduit, but when I try to install it it refuses and tells me that I need to have isync 1.2 or greater instsalled. I have 2.0 installed actually.

I searched around and saw lots of discussion about Palm and iSync with Tiger, is there some type of known issue going on here? Or should I be able to get syncing with Tiger already?

Any advice appreciated!

- Harvey




System Requirements
— Mac OS X
— v. 10.2.5 through 10.3.9
— Palm Desktop 4.0 or later
— iCal 1.0.2
— iSync 1.2 or later
— Note: You do not need to download this software if you have iSync 2 or later