Tiger: Login screen language?


Hello folks!

Anyone up for an idea?

Installing my Tiger system (PowerMac G4), with the Enlish (american) system language used. Input language is, and always will be, Swedish -because that is where my computer is located, and it's got a swedish keyboard as well.

However, lately users has been added that desired a language change. I am happy with the way it actually worked: I just moved Swedish up to the first position in the up-down list (English second language), and 99% of the user interface is wonderfully translated.

However, the login screen is not. It is still in English.

My question to you Tiger experts out there today, will be:

A) Selecting a language (say Swedish) as the main language in the installation of Tiger, compared to swtiching over to Swedish later on -does it makes any differences? (Meaning, is something left UNtranslated just because I made the move at a later time?

B) Is there any way to get the login screen in english as well? I've got a list of users, iconified, and password protection is actiaveted for all of them.
I'm trying to bring this thread back to life again. Has anyone any idea of how to change the language on the login screen? (and bootup procedure)
I also have this issue, and now I am a little annoyed,
as All was OK, after an install in English, then I did
a migrate user.....

Now I have the Login screen in German....

This MUST BE Configurable....

And Must be part of the rc scripts....

Please advise on your fix....

The login screen corresponds to the main language chosen at installation time. The language you choose as a user only changes what happens _after_ login.