Tiger Mail


I am having a few issues with Tiger. Some of my Panther features went away...maybe someone smarter than I can tell me where they went??

When I used to view files in list view, I could marquee a bunch of them and copy them to my clipboard. Then I could go into mail, create a new message and paste the clipboard contents into the body. The paste would paste file names, not the actual files. There were no shortcuts necessary...just copy paste while in list view. Now when I try the same on Tiger, it tries to paste the entire several hundred megs of data. Not good. The old way was a really cool way to pick up a long list of file names.

Also, I used to browse our server for an attachment. But rather than attaching by dragging to an open emssage window, I could hold down control just prior to dropping and create a shortcut to that file. Really cool. Now it seems to be gone.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of these prior features?

Thanks in advance.
I've noticed a couple of things have changed slightly as a result of Apple Mail being completely rebuilt from the ground up in Tiger. Dragging some images in from a spotlight search often fails to insert the image, but if I use Spotlight's "reveal in finder" and then drag that in, it works OK.