Tiger Not Printing Multiple Pages


My Tiger 10.4.2 [Dual 5 GHz PowerPC G5, 2 GB DDR SDRAM] does not print multiple pages in several apps -- including all Adobe Creative Suite CS apps (except Acrobat 6.0.4 Pro), Preview, Safari, TextEdit. I have to convert files to PDF whenever I want to print several pages of a document. This all began when I installed Tiger on a new G5 loaded with Panther. I have a G4 TiBook running on Panther and all works well from there.

We print to a HP Color LaserJet 8550n, and HP states on their site:

"Tiger ? Mac OS X v10.4 update
NOTE: The latest HP printer driver for this device is built into Tiger for print only functionality and does not require a download or reinstallation of any HP software to print."

They do list a 1 Sep 2005, HP color Laserjet installer, revision 5.1 (4.4 M) and have downloaded/installed to no avail.

Is this exclusively a Tiger issue? Should I wait for the forthcoming 10.4.3 update or reinstall CS? What if the new update doesn't fix this printing issue? Should I delete any preference settings?

What to do . . . ?



When we installed the OS X 10.4.3 update in Nov., that seemed to fix the problem.


I seem to have probelms on my iMac G5 20" iSight with printing to an HP Deskjet 6540 where it dometimes will only print one page of the job. Any ideas of the source of the problem?