Tiger Running Epson Cx5400 All In One.



Got a feeling this more printer related but I'm looking for any advice.

Running Tiger on a powerbook G4 using a Epson cx5400 all in one.

Started doing strange things when I upgraded like crashing everytime I tried to convert Word files to pdf's and just acting up. Settled down but is now lost quality on anything it prints that isnt text. any pic, jpegs, pdf's etc dragged into a word file or exel are bad quality and now the black is green. All normal typed text is black and the printer rates all cartridges to be ok. It is doing something weird with the pics but not sure what.

Is a cartridge thing or maybes a compatibility prob. I've checked and it's running an Epson driver (1.68).

Any ideas on the first hurdle???

Many thanks


Forgot that the cartridges had been replaced with cheap ones which I dare say dont register the levels properly. Replaced the 3 colours and bingo.... Also got upgraded scanner software in the process.


Mark - Your magenta was not getting out of the head. My unit has the same problem with some frequency. Cleaning the heads ( 3-6 times) usually clears it up.
How'd you get upgrded driver?
I have the same all in one printer, which driver are you using on Tiger?

I will be setting it up in a few days (it's in storage up at school)
It's a catch 22 with cartridges. I do alot of printing which doesnt have to be 100%. Un official cartridges are a quarter of the Epson price so hey.....

I got upgraded packages at the Epson website, > http://emeasupport.epson-europe.com...whWNP+Xsme/ZDkp73fNdY5hc7vBZxbCAQvgwCDnbAzC/K

This is the European site. Theres a seperate US one which is > http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/...6478881&infoType=Downloads&platform=Macintosh

They both contain recent drivers, manuals etc. More recent than the one supplied with my printer anyway!!!!!