tiger server issues


hello all

i just upgraded a jaguar server with net info database to tiger server.

it worked for several reboots but one morning last month i tried to log into it and it wouldnt.

i booted from a installer dvd and tried to reset the password but it finds no users to change the password.

i booted from a different partition and looked at the users on the drive and their directories are still there.

any help would be helpful.
can you email me at brianh@fc.shsd.mb.ca

no i did not. i had not gotten that far. i just did an install over the existing database and was prepared to do a conversion after if it didnt work. but it had worked for a for a while so i thought i could run netinfo on the tiger server.
i am currently running on a backup version of my old server till i am able to recover the database on the new one. two hard drives same xserver.