Tiger Server Print Service


I have recently installed a tiger server and added 1 user to it. I then started windows service. I connected my samsung clp 500 color laser to it via usb. It works with a driver of xerox phaser 6100. I tried to add print queue to the server so that my XP client can print to it. My XP client found the printer and asked me to install driver. I installed the driver but I could not print to it.
(caveat - I've never seen OS X Server)

There are two kinds of queue on OS X: a postscript queue and a RAW queue. Unless you know you set up a RAW queue, you have a postscript queue and all input to it from on the Mac or from any client computer, must be postscript. Change to a postsript driver on the PC (Apple laserwriter or color laserwriter is good for this).

If you want to make a RAW queue (where each client can use the right driver), follow this:

Good luck.