Tiger & Wking Up Belkin Router


I have 2 ibooks, one a G3 running 10.3.7, no wireless card and so cable connected to my Belkin adsl router/modem. The other, a G4 on 10.4.1 with wireless card works well with the Belkin - when I can wake it up! The safest way is to activate the Belkin using the G3 ibook and then the G4 will also pick it up - except I think it is the other way round - The G4 ibook is trying but failing to wake it up. Once connected normally no problems (except if I change users) unless there is a prolonged period of inactivity in which case the connection to the Belkin drops and i have to start the wake up routine again. This did not happen when both were on 10.3. Any ideas on what to do?