Timbuktu and Linksys


I'm having some problems accessing my desktop remotely, using Timbuktu, but also using Personal Web Sharing. I'm not sure if the two issues are related.
Comcast is my ISP, and they don't allow a static IP, so I've setup a dyndns account, but Timbuktu (which works fine from within the network) is not finding my desktop, whether I try to access it using my IP address, my email address, or myDNS name.

I think I've set the router correctly ( how can I be sure?) and have opened up the correct port for TB2 on the router software (I hope) as well as the OSX Firewall (do I even need that if I have the router?)

Is there anyone out there who has some experience with this headache?



The Late: SuperMacMod
TimBukTu default port is 407. You need to have that forwarded to the Internal IP of your machine.
If you're also using the built in OS X Firewall (I don't with a router) you also need to forward the port there.