tintin++ on Mac OS X Public Beta?


Has anyone been able to get tintin++ compiled and working on Mac OS X? I installed readline, but now am having various compile problems with compiling tintin++. I was able to compile and build tintin++ fine on NeXTSTEP 3.3, but have had no luck on Mac OS X DP4 and Public Beta.

Barring tintin++, if there is another MUD client I can use natively (ie, not in the Classic environment) on Mac OS X Public Beta, I would be very happy.

And help at all would be appreciated.


Thanks to the help of Davin Chan, I was able to compile and link tintin++.

After installing readline (--host=powerpc-apple-macos i believe) ./configure worked for tintin. However, I had to comment out the #includes for malloc.h and memory.h in the file chat.c. Once this was done, compilation was successful.

Piggy, that's awesome. Would it be possible for you to post a binary or email it to me?

If you'd like I could also make it available on a website if you are unable to do so.