Tiscali Speedtouch 3300


I have Tiscali Broadband connection at home for my PC. I purchased a Speedtouch 3300 USB modem for my MAC I-boOK and have managed to set up the connection on the Mac until about 5 months ago when I purchased an Ethernet modem to use with the Airport. Since the Speedtouch 3300 was not used I decided to uninstall it.
The Ethernet modem is now brOKen and until I can get a new one I would like to revert to the USB Speedtouch 3300.
I have installed the drivers and followed the instructions on the manual but my Mac just won't recognise the hardware.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers many times but to no avail.
The diagnosis software for the Speedtouch is installed OK and seems to function fine but on the list of devices, the Speedtouch USB modem doesn't appear as a device and therefore I can't use the System Preferences/Network to set up an Internet connection.

I have downloaded the new version of the driver from Speedtouch website which is available for my OS (Tiger). Unfortunately this didn't work.

Has anyone experienced the same problem and could anyone help me.
many thanks


Did you ever manage to sort this out? I just signed up with Toucan, but the Speedtouch 330 that came with it just isn´t recognised, no matter how many times I install and uninstall the drivers.