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I realy wish I had a Tivo so I could make sure I don't miss any episodes, but I don't think the $300 is worth it.


P.S. I'm just trying to reassure myself that I am making the right decision, as I am about this | | close to blowing $300. :D
TiVos rule! They are totally worth the money! We have had one for a long time and my TV viewing habits are not the same. I use it not only to tape things but also to avoid watching commercials.

And of course, they are handy for doing rewinds on NFL games too!
I have had a Tivo for several months now. The nicest feature is the guide. The Tivo cost $200 and the guide costs $10/month. The guide is worth much more than that to anybody who loses $10/month of time running to catch a show or fooling around with kludge methods to not miss one. I also get much more than $10 more value per month out of televised entertainment than I used to.

The wish list lets you ask for obscure shows. For instance, given our current broadcast source we didn't run into Time Tunnel often enough that we'd seen in since my wife and I were married. One day in August we were chatting about old stuff and this show came up in conversation. My wife said she'd like to see it again since she hadn't since the 60s. I programmed it into the Tivo. A month later I was away on business and when we talked one of the evenings I was away she mentioned that the Tivo had recorded an episode of Time Tunnel. no intervention required. My wife didn't even realize that I'd added it to the wish list and was ome what amused to see it there. It was a crappy episode from a mediocre series but it was still a laugh to see it.

We have about 5 hours of quality new programming available to us each night to browse through. Plus we get about 50 more hours of programming from previous nights that we never got to. This is a wonderful device.

Tivo has the best UI of any home appliance I've ever seen. That alone justifies it's purchase. It costs $200. You can add a 60Gig HD to it yourself for $160 or so (no warranty implied). that brings you up to 80 or so hours of storage.

have fun.
I'm having my digital sat system installed saturday. I believe I sprung for the boxes that include Tivo or a tivo like function. anyone with experience with these boxes. I'm having direcTV installed and I believe the boxes are panasonic, magnavox or JVC (They're in the basement now and I'm lazy) as AT&T kept telling me 6 months until digital cable for the past two years..... I finally gave up on them. I really love all the stations and BBC.
I have tivo and dvd burn g4, anyone dumped to a dvd yet, if so whats the quality like, I am one week in PDX on week in SFO and I'd love to dump my shows to dvd to watch in my office when I am working late
I have never read a negative review about the Tivo. I think they'd be an excellent home entertainment applicance to own, but I have read they're not availble in Canada. Anyone know if you can buy one in the U.S. and get it to work anyway? Or if they actually are available in Canada?
My VCR and IR blaster inside of my Dish Network receiver work fine for me :p

I'd like a Tivo, but it'd be too confusing, I already have a guide through dish network, and with Tivo I'd have two.. I dont wanna have to get used to that again. So for now, VCR is perfect for me in conjuction with the Dish Network IR blaster and VCR timer features. Point, Click, Record. :)