Tk ported to Mac OS X, so how do we start compiling these apps



16 October 2001 - Tk ported to Mac OS X v10.1
Apple announces a native port of Tk version 8.4a4 for Mac OS X 10.1. Tk is a rapid application GUI toolkit used by Tcl, Perl, and Python. The Tk release allows script developers to run existing GUI applications with a native Aqua look and feel directly on Mac OS X v10.1. As part of Apple's ongoing commitment to Open Source, this port has been released under a BSD-style license. Apple's changes have been and will continue to be submitted to the main Tcl/Tk CVS repository at


Downloaded tcl, and got their demos to work, but I'm not having any luck with any other 3rd parth programs.

Any tricks or suggestions? I'm really lookin forward to this!!!

I just downloaded it too!

Which app are you trying to compile?

One thing that I wish that could be added is the perl module..