to all complaining about paying for upgrades too often


i have come up with a solution for all of you complaining about paying 130.00 every 6-8 months for an OS upgrade. simply join the adc mailing for 199, or if you are a student, join adc student for 99.00

the adc mailing is included in the 99.00 college student membership. each month you get a monthly cd mailing, and you also get os updates. I have almost every realease of X to date in an upgrade cd, or a full version bootable cd. not bad for slightly more than the normal price you would pay. if 2 130.00 upgrades come out within 1 year, you get both, and for much less than paying the retail price.

apple has kindly made these programs available for a while. if you dont like the reatil price path, join this. I am sick of reading people complaining about the price tag of jaguar. people are now complaining about the possibility of a serial number for jaguar. It was bound to happen eventually. apple has the right to protect their OS from piracy.

Some of you people are making me sick.


Just make sure that you only sign up for adc if you meet the requirements, if enough people rip them off they will just get rid of the program.


Hmm. There's no 199 option in my ADC... there's a 99 dollar gift certificate for students, and a 500 dollar premier ADC membership... nothing in between....
where are you seeing this option at?


Court Fool
Ugh. He said "join the ADC mailing". Which is absolutely correct. You first have to be a member (any kind will do, even free online member). Then, go to the ADC shop and subscribe to the mailing.

Something previous posters have failed to mention: It's a yearly fee. If one for-pay update comes out per year (as it has been for years until now), you end up paying a bit more for the mailing subscription per year than the OS boxes alone.


While im sure we all appreciate inventive ideas on how to pay less for OS X-

you want to know whats even more annoying than people complaining about OS X prices?

People complaining about people complaining about OS X prices.

:eek: :eek: :D :D :eek: :eek:


So what am I to think about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining about OSX prices?