To all who BAG XP's MOVIEMAKER...Know this!

ThE OutsiDer

Guys M$ moviemaker may be crap now, but as soon as they get their act together we all knoe they'll fully finish it, ripping off every mac element from imovie and soon all pc ppl will say how better it is or how close it is, just like everything M$ does.

I remember bill Gates saying "osx is full of non functional eye candy"... then he announces LUNA.
You dont have to worry my boy, even if microsoft does release a fully functional version of Movie Maker, which I doubt is possible, Apple will be releasing new technology and new software that will be so advanced it will take microsoft years to figure out how to copy it into a semifunctional piece of crap. The fact is, Movie Maker can never be iMovie, why, because many pcs dont have firewire ports, which are required for digital video. Dont you think If Microsoft was able to they would have released a functional version of movie maker a long time ago. Windows can not handle such and advanced program with such a simple interface, its that simple. Windows will eventually die, why, because, sooner or later, Billy boy is going to realize that he was heading in the wrong direction with his vision of the PC and Steve had the right idea with the Digital Hub.:)
Microsoft always mentions the Windows desktop computer as being the centre of your digital world. Actively. No, Apple won't be able to stay ahead in software long. It'll always be a run faster kinda thing.