To Buy, or not to buy...


So I am currently working off of an original 12" PB 867mhz, 640MB DDR. I notice that since I have upgraded to Tiger and run programs like CS2 Suite, Studio MX, and I am noticing that my machine just crawls along. Many time it takes a few minutes to execute simple commands in Illustrator. I think that it might be time to get a new machine, prices are pretty low right now which would allow me to get a 15". I am freaked out that the machine I buy will be out of date very quickly with the intel switch and all. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it is good time to buy, or any ideas to get a few more months out of my machine. Anythoughts would be great!
According to Apple, they have made an agreement with Freescale (formerly the Motorola Computer Group who made the PowerPC chips before IBM provided them exclusively for Apple) to provide Apple with PowerPC chips until 2008, just in case things don't go too well with the Intel transition, which I doubt highly. I am getting a Mac mini, and this news reinforced my decision to buy a PPC Mac now and then an Intel one in the future once they have been well established. I say go for it, but wait until after Macworld Paris. If by chance nothing interesting comes out, you'll even still be able to wait until the next Macworld in January and still not worry about your PowerBook becoming obsolete too soon.