Toast got toasted when going back to OS 9.1. HELP!!!!!!!!

Mr. Fancy Pants

Mr. Fancy Pants
I've Got an iMac 400 DV SE 640mb ram and am running OS9.1/OSX 10.0.4. Toast 5.0.1 was reading my Iomega USB650 with no problems, even when I upgraded to OS 9.2.1. I went back to OS 9.1 and reinstalled toast. It recognized toast while I was in OS 9.1 but when I go to OS X it doesn't !!!! Please....For the love of GOD!!! help ME!!!! :confused:
PS - Toast 5.1p1 (os x native app. beta) quits auto matically on me on the start up.
You may have lost the USB drivers to the Iomega burner when you upgraded to 9.2.1. Try installing the latest drivers ( and also upgrading to Toast 5.2 (free download).