Toast Is Messing Up Osx 10.4.2


The system keeps on freezing with Toast - latest version of Toast. Is this common? I can't even open my optical drive door via the keyboard or the button on it. (Using a Pionner 106 which has worked well before. The whole system slows down, I can't Force Quit Toast - it just says it quits but doesn't....Suggestions? Using 1.5 gb ram on a Dual 500 G4 tower. Also its reading my DVD+rw incorrectly. Should I try another burning software? This seems to have some serious compatibility problems.
I have Toast V 7.01 running on my Dual 2gig G5 with no problems whatsoever. Do you have the latest version? If not, I would suggest that you update immediately. Check out Roxio's Toast forum also. A lot of knowledgeable people there. Hope this helps.
I'd try to get rid of Toast's preference files, of Toast and then reinstall Toast. Then apply the newest updater available on their website and try again.