Toast Titanium 5.1P1 Not Working


I haven't been able to get toast 5.1P1 to burn a full disk. I can Do audio/files off the drive but I cannot do a volume copy from a disk image. I have also been having problems getting CD's to mount after Toast has been launched untill I restart the computer. Anyone else having the same problems??


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Some of the known issues it states is that some time the disk will not mount after it is burned, if you have a firewire drive, they say just power it down and then back up, if it is internal, you have to do a restart. This is a beta so we really can't hope for too much, but I wish they had atleast included USB drivew support, that really sucks!


like soapvox says : it's just a beta, a preview, don't expect to much. (though it's working for me on my white ibook 500 mhz, and indeed, i'll have to restart the mac before the CD mounts)