Tomcat on OSX


Has anyone tried installing tomcat 4 on osx

I can't get the examples to work
I unpacked it, and placed it in applications/tomcat

then I made a .tcshrc - file width the following...

setenv JAVA_HOME /usr
setenv CATALINA_HOME /Applications/Tomcat

and log'ed in again, started tomcat and i could see the front page at localhost:8080

but the examples don't work

I get this....

Apache Tomcat/4.0.1 - HTTP Status 404 - /examples/jsp/

type Status report

message /examples/jsp/

description The requested resource (/examples/jsp/) is not available.

I've even tried re-installing osx

do a search on the forums on Tomcat...

a lot of people have installed Tomcat with no problems.

Install the whole OS cause you can't get a configuration file to work?

check your permissions on the examples folder.
like chmod -R 755 examples

read the config files...
and the docs.

4.0 is still in Beta anyway...