Too many msg boards


first of all I want to say that this site is cool. It's got a nice layout, the board is easy to use and it got lots of options.
But there is one big problem with all message boards around: there are too many! Did you count the boards dedicated to macosx recently? I didn't either but there are a lot. (10+). If you look for information and want your problem to be solved you have to check all these boards and this is very time consuming. Plus the search/find functions on the boards are really bad and other search engines like google, altavista etc. have problems indexing the boards. Another problem is that some boards start, are popular for about 6 months then their owners just drop their project and all information, is lost.
I wish back the days when everybody posted on the usenet. Suff was easy to find, available to all, and there are usenet archives dating back to 1988.
To make this constructive criticism: what about you ask other board owners to establish a common interface? Like you could expand your board to store the threads in a nntp newsgroup and also retrieve messages from newsgroups as well. This would be very cool. It would help us to build a strong knowledge base for macosx. Combine the ease of use of a message board with the power of the usenet.
It will require some work but I'd be great.