Too much files in a directory?

Laurent LaSalle

I just finished installing Mac OS X 10.1 and I'm proud with the SPEED (Yeah, and that DVD Player works fine too)! Now I'm facing a huge problem : I'm cleaning up my personnal files that weren't organized adequately in OS X 10.0.4 and when I open a folder that contains more than 70 files and folder (around 1 Go of data), my Finder FROZE!

Force quiting is really a pain in Mac OS X 10.1! It used to be very efficient in 10.0.4, but now when I relaunch my Finder, it just keep on boucing... I need to do a hardware reboot!

Do you have any idea?
I'm not sure why the finder would freeze, but you can guess it'll be related to something in your home folder. This gives you two options. One, you could boot up into OS 9 and give it a good cleanout that way, and remove some of the hidden files in there at the same time. Basically try to reset the folder back to a default state.

Otherwise, there is another option. You could use a third party file view, look on versiontracker, there are quite a few for OS X, and clean out the folder that way. Use FileBuddy to remove any invisible files in your home directory that might be effecting it ( all of em basically ). This might mean that small thing might need to be set up again, such as file and folder icons. It might also take a little time, but it should solve your problems, and give you a chance to rearrange your files.