transfer files to HD so they can be read in Windows 7..


Hi guys

i recently finished transferring, writing, encoding, editing & whatnot a whole bunch of movies my Dad & Uncles made when my cousins & i were kids at family gatherings, etc....
that plus A WHOLE BUNCH of childhood photos totals 2TB + & a few cousins asked me to make copies for them. problem is i seem to be the only Mac user in the family & they all have Windows systems...

now if i understand correctly i could format the drives ( most likely WD My Books w/ USB3 or something.. ) in FAT32 but that won't allow me to copy the whole drive's content in one go, am i correct ? FAT32 only allowing 4GB blocks at a time or something ?....

does anyone have any idea how i could do this so it doesn't take AGES - pretty much like using Carbon Copy Cloner or something ?

or even if i could use indeed CCC ( THAT would be ACE !!.. ) & they would have to install some software on their Windows systems that would allow them to access the data on their drives written by my iMac

any help would be greatly appreciated, i HAVE looked around but was unsuccessful at finding anything really...

regards to all

OS X supports Windows' exFAT filesystem. But you have to format the disk on Windows machine (or virtual machine on MAC). The filesystem supports 16 exabyte size files and disk size is 64 zetabytes. OK, they both mean: enough. I have used on some USB disk and it worked fine.
Hi Artov

& thanks for your input, much appreciated ! i'll look into it & will let you know how it went when it's done - knock on wood !! ;-)