Transfer just one app from 2009 MBP to 2016 MBP


Hi. Before we get to the simply answer: I don't want to use migration as I don't want to take everything over. And, I couldn't anyway. The old drive is 600gb and the new is 256.

The 2009 MBP has Office:Word 2008 on it; my spouse is comfortable with it and really would rather not learn the 2016 version (which, I have on my 2014 Mac Mini and I have to say, they made more cumbersome, but I digress). I checked with RoaringApps and supposedly 2008 will work on Mojave. Maybe, maybe not. If not then there is no choice and I have to buy a new version.

1. Can I drag the app to a flash drive and stick the flash drive into the MBP (I have an adapter)?
2. Should I mirror the new MBP and hook it up directly to the old MBP and transfer that way? (I haven't done that in such a long time, is it still something that can be done?" I also purchased the software upgrade back in ancient times (2010) when you could load on three computers. One of those computers - and it was 100% legal as I purchased for up to 3) is the one that currently has the app on it I would like to transfer to the new MBP.
3. I have the old disks and a new CD/DVD writer/reader (LG). But when I attempted to put in the disk (which was an upgrade) I get the message that the install stopped because there is nothing on the disk. Indeed, the disk shows 0 on it ... and if I attempt to go ALLLLLLLLL the way back to the original Office:Mac (probably from 2005) well, we know what happens...

4. And can I transfer any other apps using a process like these above?