Transferring Imovie Project to Quicktime

gerard karelse


I am a beginner as far as Quicktime is concerned and I tried to learn it as a first step I tried to import (transferring) a small iMovie project to QT.
Following the instructions of The missing manual from David Pogue.
I selected File, then Share and the right dialog box appeared, I clicked QT and selected full quality, then clicked Share. I got the following message (I try to translate it in decent English) was showing up:

The movie cannot be exported because an unknown error. Make sure the disc of the project is not protected for writing and for enough free disc space. (error -50)

Disc space cannot be the problem, the size of the iMovie project was small (less then a minute of footage) and my external disc has 180 Gb free.

I work on a new Powerbook G4, with tiger and the standard Quicktime applications (I just ordered the Proversion).

I appreciate your help, Gerard (Netherlands)

Hi, I would ask first how much free space you have on the start up disk where iMovie is installed. It may be that you do not have much space left on it. I believe that iMovie won't export to that external drive unless you have the entire project and the iMovie application on that external drive.
Try moving everything over to it and see if that helps you.
I have the same problem, and it is NOT a space issue. I have 59gb free on the drive, and also, I am unable to export to my homepage, which has ten times the memory I need. What's the deal, Apple? This just doesn't work!
I solved a similar problem (exporting a large video file/project to my ext HD) by changing the formatting of the HD to HFS plus (Apple) standard. I was so stupid to think that this drive was plug and play (everything else worked allright though). So, in my case there is no need to put the iMovie applications on the ext.HD as well. Thanks for the advice anyway. I still have to check if importing the iMovie project (a small one for test purpose) to QT works, I was running into other problems which had to be solved. I let you know.