Transferring Mp3s Via Bluetooth to Motorola V551


Does anyone have any insight to this problem? When i try to send an MP3 to my V551 via bluetooth it always fails and tells me "The last operation failed: Bad Request." Do I require extra software or is this not even a possibility? Any help would be awesome. Thanks. Also I am using Tiger.
Hi jgalindo and welcome to the forum.
I am using a Motorola v635 and easily transfer mp3s to it using the bluetooth connection and the usb connection. Are you able to transfer other files that are not as big as mp3s? How much memory does your v551 have? Do you know in which folder you should drop the mp3s?
Hi ZammySam and thanx for answering. My V551 has 5mb of shared internal memory. Unfort. no extra memory card for expansion, so when memory gets full i need to remove some stuff. No, though, I haven't relly tried to put in other files into my phone. When I do try to transfer MP3s I do try to transfer the whole file and I put it in, or try to put it in, the music file. i just always get a fail message. Once, though, the MP3 did transfer but when i tried to play it on the phone it said it was an incorrect or corrupt file and that i needed to get rid of it. Do you think I need to somehow shorten the MP3 and if so do you know of any utility that can chop an MP3? Thanx again Zammy for any help you might be able to give.