Transform a CSV ora TAB file importing inside applescript to create a list


Hi everybody

I have a apple script to send text message , it works incredibly. Now i need something moreThe target is "n" line of record of a csv file. I didn't find anything to import a csv file ( ora tab ) in order to create a list which i can use in my current script.
the csv is formmatted like this:
date, time, tel,
date1, time1, tel1
date2, time2, tel2
date"n", time"n", tel"n"

example of the file
13 maggio 2019,"10:15","pippo ","3311778887"
13 maggio 2019,"10:45","paperino","3482433330"
13 maggio 2019,"11:00","topolino","3474442397"

i need it inside a apple script to get :
{" date1 ", " date2 ", " date"n", }
{" time1 ", " time2 ", " time"n", }
{" tel1 ", " tel2 ", " tel"n", }

The current CSV / TAB comes by exporting a Filemaker file.
What I have now is this
set theFile to choose file with prompt "Select a csv file:"
set theFileContents to read theFile
--set theList to paragraphs of theFileContents
set namelist to {theFileContents}

Which open the CSV file, i can see all the text in the csv file bad formatted with a lot of / and " which are just craps. While if I improt tab file, i just have " at begin and end, and no more... some tips guys... please