Translation Problems


When attempting to open MS Word for Windows in Appleworks 6 the "translation" appears as a Text Document (affirmed in the "Get Info" window). Same occurs when attempting to save AppleWorks in Word for Windows XP (etc.). This is a new problem; also, some older docs translated correctly from Appleworks to Word Win will translate back to Appleworks. A real conundrum to me is that this is occurring both on my work computer (running OS 10.28) AND my home system running Tiger. Any explanations and solutions?

PS Haven't run diagnostic/repair application yet (e.g., Disk Warrior) but do run virus software regularly. Also, both computers are fire-walled, home through a router, work through a server.
Viruses have nothing to do with your ability to translate documents from one format to another. And because there are no MacOS X viruses, the issue of viruses in your situation is moot. The only determinant of whether you can translate from one format to another is that you have the proper translation filters installed. I am surprised to see that Word 2004 is among the formats explicitly listed under the file types in the File/Open dialog box of AppleWorks. I presume that this is because I have MacLinkPlus Deluxe 15 installed. For office productivity files, there is no better investment than MacLinkPlus Deluxe 15 if you share files of differing formats with your colleagues.