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I would like to use TransbarentDock 1.1b8 to make my Dock transparent in 10.1. However, I don't appear to have the Dock document necessary. Of course, I've got in my core services directory. However, appears to be nothing bundled inside of it. Doing a sherlock search doesn't come up with anything besides Please help.

I think the problem happened with the 10.1 upgrade because I had no problem finding the document and making the changes in 10.04.

Sorry that this isn't a lot of help, but basically, a new version of the app is needed. Apple have changed a lot of theresource locations in 10.1, to try and make it less hap-hazard, just tidy things up. This unfortunately breaks a lot of little programs like this one. You'll have to wait till the author releases a new version. That would be my guess anyhow !

Soz its not a more helpful reply.
Thanks for everybody's help. I'm at work now, but I'll try the new script when I get home. I'm sure it will work well. Thanks again.
for transparent dock and other cool things (transparent terminal app anyone?), try TinkerTool also available at versiontracker.
Tinkertool doesn't give you a completely transparent dock. Transparent icons and terminal, yes, but not a totally see-through, not-actually-there Dock.
Don't be frustrated if this program doesn't work automatically for you. It wouldn't accept what I am aboslutely positive was my admin password. I can assure you I typed in the correct password and typed it correctly, but Transparent Dock came back with an equally assured error message saying it wasn't correct. :(

If you get home and find it doesn't work, let us know and I'll do what i can to walk you through the manual process. After many trial-and-error attempts, I finally have a completely transparent dock. :)
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