Trash Help


I have filled up almost all of my hard drivem to the point where i can't download anything new, and everything is very slow. I figured the simple solution to this would be emptying the trash, but when i try to empty the trash, I repeatedly get the error 'trash is in use'. I get this error no matter what i am trying to delete. I have tried restarting the computer and I still get this error. I have tried an application called BatChmod, but that crashed my computer when i ran it. Thank you for any help.

I am using Mac OSX 10.1
Cocktail allows you to force empty the trash, but you said you can't download anything.

Your best bet would be to backup all of your stuff onto a CD/DVD, then go out and grab a copy of Tiger to replace 10.1 (ewww), give your computer a super clean format then install Tiger and you'll be in the speeding zone again.
This is a question not an answer.

From the startup CD, and if 10.1 has this, could you use the erase free space to empty the trash?