Trash icon on2 the desktop..


I've looked around @ ppl's methods 4 putting the trash icon on2 the desktop but they don't seem 2 work.

I keep getting the message.... :mad:

"Too many arguments"

I'm not really sure what 2 do about it. Here r the instructions that followed 2 do it but they rn't really clear..

How do I get the trash can out of the Dock and onto the desktop?


Getting a trash can on the desktop in Mac OS X is another simple plist hack. In a Terminal window, type:
defaults write Finder.HasTrash 1
Restart the Dock (Log out or kill the Dock via the ProcessViewer utility), and there you have it. To get it off the Desktop, type the same thing, but change the 1 at the end to a 0 ('true' and 'false' also work for 1 and 0, respectively).
But what happens when you try moving the icon? It might just be me, but my desktopped Trash icon refuses to move from its default location (right behind the docked Trash icon) unless I just nudge it very slowly and not too far. Pressing Command-Shift while dragging allows me to drag the Trash icon around the desktop at will. Your mileage may vary.


I was wondering if someone would b able 2 help me out?


Hmm, that should work. Try's actually a little longer, but it should work. If it doesn't, something weird is going on with your defaults command...

defaults write Finder.HasTrash -bool true

Write it down exactly like that. I tested it out first, and it worked, so if it's not working for you...then definitely something is whacky with your defaults command.