"The operation cannon be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for ".Trash"."

I get this error when trying to move things from my "desktop" to the trash. this includes aliases of network drives, files, etc..

"The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items."

"The operation cannon be completed because the item ".Trash" is in use."

I get these two additinoal errors when I empty the trash, yet, the files delete after clicking continue.

I can move files from any other folder to the trash with no problem. Even after all these errors and clicking on "continue" the OS still empties the trash. I have to admit, it's rather a pain in the arse.

I have only one account. I don't jump to su or root all the time. I've had this system installed since X came out on CD. I haven't done any tinkering in quite a while that would cause this.. in fact, the problem cropped up seemingly on it's own a few weeks ago. Just before that time I had done nothing system related as this machine is used for high level production. I've tried using"get info" and others to try to confirm/correct the permissions on these files but have not had any luck. Desktop permissions on aliases seem to be non-existant through these utilities and all trouble files show the correct user account connected to them.

Does anyone have an idea on this one?

Much appreciated!

Happens to me loads of times too. I usually just leave them there after pressing continue on the error message window. Most of the times the stuff that can't be deleated dissapears from the Trash by it's self the next time I start up.

What really bothers me is not being able to move the stuff from my HD to the trash!!
Here's how to find anything, even things that sherlock won't "see".
Type this: sudo find / -name [filename, without brackets]

Then, at the prompt, enter your password (the sudo is necessary so you can see in ALL directories). It will chug for a while and spit out all instances it found.
Try Bare Bones Software's Super Get Info if you want anther way to do these types of things. With Super Get Info you can change the owner and permissions on anything you can't send to the trash, then you will be able to. It is a handy app, and I think there are a couple of similar ones out there too!