Trashed Preference Folder--Learned My Lesson


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OK, here's what happened: Safari had really slowed down and was taking forever to load pages. Plus, my AirPort signal was going on and off and telling me that there was no AirPort signal and no network chosen, and when I *tried* to connect to my regular network, it told me there was an error. Also, my Help Viewer crashed five times, and I submitted a bug to Apple each time. So, I checked my Console log, and there were several messages that didn't look so good, including "bad index files," "preferences," etc. So, I decided to trash my preference folder (everything that was in it) via this pathway in the Finder: username/Library/Preferences. I ran the cron scripts via MacJanitor, then repaired permissions via Disk Utility. Then, I restarted my computer. Well ... trashing the preference folder definitely took care of the buggy, slow, messed up (whatever!) applications (Safari, Help Viewer, AirPort, etc.) ... BUT ... I also lost ALL of my preferences (which I should've known because I trashed ALL of my preferences--duh!).

But, because I AM halfway computer literate (surprise!), I was able to restore my preferences and get everything back to the way I had it in no time, but man, I sure learned my lesson. Next time I have problems with applications, I'm going to ONLY trash the preferences for those particular problematic applications!

End of rant. :p
dktrickey said:
THAT'S turning over a new leaf! Ouch!


Thanks. I try to turn a new one over each day. Though some have critters underneath them hiding and just waiting to lurch out at me and bite. :mad: