Trashed system fonts by accident, doh!


Hello, I am in desperate need of assistance. I have been having problems with corrupted fonts lately, so following some instructions i was deleting fonts not needed for the system. Thinking i was in the users/library/fonts folder, i trashed all of the fonts... I was in fact in the system/library/fonts folder and i accidently trashed my system fonts. The computer went haywire after that and now i can't boot into OS X. So i booted up with my Tiger install disk and noticed i can open the Terminal app.
My question is this, how do i navigate to my trashbin and move the fonts back into the system folder using the Terminal? Or am i screwed?

Please help :eek:

I am assuming you are using a friends computer to access the internet.
I wish I knew magic for you. Something I thought of as I read and re-read your post. If you can access Terminal and the LAST thing you did was to move the Font file to the Trash, is using Terminal to UNDO that move. But it would have to have been the very last thing you put in the Trash. I've trashed files but using the Undo in the Edit menu restores the file to where it was to start with. Also, search in Terminal for the Font Files like this: Launch Terminal At the $ command type: find ~/ trash
that will show you all the files in the Trash. That's one sure way to find out if the Font Folders/Files are even in there. Do you remember if you actually emptied the Trash????? If you did, you might as well reinstall Tiger. If you haven't already done so, use your Tiger CD to run Disk Urility and Repair Permissions. That can fix a lot of problems. Also, if you can get there go to the and post there also. Lots of help there.

Good luck and post back if you can.
Carolyn :)
You can do Custom installs from the Tiger disc. See if you can just install the fonts.