Trick Or Treat? Vote For A Movie And Get Free Gift


Boo! Halloween is here. I think the best way to quickly get into horror spirit is watching a horror movie with family and friends, hearing them screaming on and on, haha

I just found the online Halloween campaign and would like to share with you. Just vote for the most classic Halloween movie and get a free gift.

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Trick or treat? Go and see for yourself.....

Doctor X

Hmmmm . . . favorite "scary movies/series?"

The Thing--John Carpenter's of course.
Ringu--the Japanese Original of course.
Mary Poppins--[Stop that!--Ed.] His "Cockney" is frightening!
Psycho--problem is everyone now knows "the story" but it was a MAJOR shock in its day--main characters are not suppose to get killed in the first act.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers--the Donald Sutherland Point-and-Scream
[REC]--the Spanish Original of course!
Let the Right One In--the Swe . . . Norweg . . . Cold Place in Europe Original!
The Wicker Man--no, not the one with THE BEES! With Sir Christopher, of course!
Ginger Snaps--trust me.
Jeepers Creepers--I sort of "hate" recommending this now given the history of the director, but it is still a good horror story as is its sequel.
Eyes Without a Face--yes, Billy Idol based the title on this. Hard to find but UTTERLY disturbing film. "Disturbing," not "disgusting."

Stranger Things--you should be watching this. Now!
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai--"When the Higurashi/Cicadas Cry"--seriously.
Salem's Lot--still can scare the crap out of you.
It!--the Frankenfurter Original. Dude, just him in a clown outfit. "WE all float down here!"
The Mist--I liked it! Generally, King adaptions fail as badly as a Seattle or Atlanta offensive plan, but this, as King agrees, improved on his own story.

Now, if you like Horror with a Bit of Humor:

Shawn of the Dead--Like Wagner's music it is better than it sounds.
Predator--the original "NO! GET TO THE CHOPPA!"
Tremors--seriously. Kevin Bacon. That Guy. And That Guy! That Bonny Something Country Singer!