Barking at the moon.
Well since there aren't any Golf games for X and nothing speedy will run well on my iBook .. has anyone played Tropico yet? It looks pretty sweet... I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions on it.
Yeah I got it not to long ago, its pretty good. Fun to play but difficult at the same time. There are some definately cool things about it, cigar factories, the tourism trade, coffee plantations, etc.

I would say that if you are into a City/country building sim this is a damn good game.
Tropico is interesting. But like the Sims you can get tired of it after a short while...
I bought Tropico cause it was one of the first games out with the "Build for OS X" label. And let me tell you, it is NOT built for OS X. I have never gotten it to even start. It sucks to switch to OS 9 to play it, so I just quit playing. I feel kinda ripped off after buying this game. There has to be some kind of 'false advertizing' lawsuit in here some where.

I also bought Baldur's Gate II cause it had the "Built for OS X" sticker on it. It runs okay on OS X, but it too was NOT built for OS X. Apparently it doesn't take much to be able to put that label on your game and of course Apple isn't going to enforce it.

I think Tropico sucks. It runs under OS X, but it is pretty slow. Too slow to play it...

On the other side, Alice and ProSkater 2 seem to be pretty good ported to OS X. They just rock! :cool: