Trouble Burning Dvds


i am currently tooling around the web trying to find some help on this burner- Pioneer 110D. I bought a new dvd burner as i had a LG one and had troubles with it and as Mac themselves seem to use this burner as their superdrives i thought it would run smoothly. I put it in an extrenal usb2/firewire case and so far I haven't even been able to burn cd's with it! I upgraded to the 117 firware (on a PC) and tried again but it just sits there for hours saying writing lead in, and does nothing else but make coasters. I used patchburn as one site said and tried to burn a DVD -R with dragon burn, toast and finder and had no luck. Then i tried to burn a cd and same result.

Have I missed something? Have you had any problems? Thanks for any help.