Trouble with burning iTunes and Que!


Can anyone figure this one out?
I have a G4DP450, OSX 10.0.3, iTunes 1.1.1, and a Que! Fire 8x4x32x CDRW.

I can't get iTunes to finish burning a cd.

I can mount and use CDs in X and 9.1.
I can burn CDs with Toast in 9.1.
iTunes (X) recognizes that I have a CD burner, and will let me select tracks and do the burn thing, but it hangs up at the point that it would start the burn process (The burn icon keeps spinning but nothing happens.) The only way to stop is to do a force quit.

System profiler gives the following for the Firewire (80.0):
QBP-2 Bridge
Vendor ID: 499
Speed: 100 Mb/sec
GUID: 127746d
Vendor name: QPS
Unit version: 66691

I have a QPS Que!Fire 8x8x32 CDRW, and it has been working fine for burning CDs from iTunes (OS X) for me. I have one coaster so far. I have had a few kernel panics which I associate with the CDRW, mostly on waking up from sleep with it plugged into the Firewire bus, and once while using iTunes to play a CD from my internal drive. Just a shot in the dark, but have you checked Apple's website to see that iTunes supports your drive with its firmware, etc.? Or what about trying burning at a lower speed?