trouble with static IP n


Whenever i set up a static IP address to connect with my router to open ports for Azureus, i always cannot connect to the internet when i set it. In this case for my linksys router ive tried setting it to but whenever i set it, my airport gets disconnected. Any advice how to do this right.
Where do you set the static ip? Hopefully not on both: router and mac. It should be given from the router only (to a certain MAC-address) and the mac should be set on automatically retrieve the ip. Good luck!
hey Sam how exactly would i set it on automatic, because your right, everytime i try to assign a static IP via manually or DHCP manually my internet does not work.
Go to your System Preferences -> Network and chose your active connection (airport or ethernet). Now select for 'Configure IPv4': 'Using DHCP'. Now press 'Renew DHCP Lease'. What IP is given to you? Is it another than desired? If so, go to your routers web-interface and look for the DHCP settings (read your manual if needed). Make sure to chose the settings: static IPs. Watch out to not set the static IPs in the WAN section. Once your DHCP only gives static IPs you will need to specify which MAC-address should have which IP. That should be it. Good luck!