trouble with su command


Every time I try to log in as root in the terminal, it always doesn't take my password, though the man page says that it looks at the localhost password to validify the su login as root.... I have no idea what to do as I am a total UNIX newbie and long time mac user.... any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Have you enabled root yet?

go to netinfo manager
1. Domain --> Secuirty --> Enable root user --you will be prompted for a root password, enter it in
2. Then go back and select enable root user once again.

Hope this helps
This is a don't do as I as I say...

Apple recommends using sudo rather than su as it is safer.

for example while logged in as root you can delete everything.

Even worse, you can delete some things.

I was trying to manually remove the contents of one of my trash folders.

a slipped keystroke and I deleted everything in the root directory

all of the aliases and the kernel!!!!

I recovered quickly, but the lesson is...

be careful and then be more careful

Then once you get into the habit of thinking about what you have typed and the full implications....

go for it.... sudo can be a Royal Pain.
thank you both for your information. the root password had not been enabled and following the steps in the netinfo manager worked perfectly.

also thank you for the warning lesson on using root... i don't ever plan on using root unless i have to for something, but its one of those "i don't have control over my machine" issues with i know i have full power if i need it... thanx

- Taz