troubleshooting OSX.1


hello everyone

if you are having trouble with an app in OSX.1 are there any pref files that can be trashed in a similar manner to doing it in OS9 to try to clear up problems?

actually i am running flawlessly with OSX.1, but the thought came to me and i wanted to see what everyone thought.....


contains the files you are looking for.

These are posted and updated on a user by user basis.

other systemwide preferences are in
/Library/Preferences/ and you should be more careful there

there are some applications which hide additioal preferences inside their .app bundles...

not for trashing but you might try to edit for some reason....

Best to make backups of anything you intend to "Trash"
thanks jimr

will definitely make bakups if i trash something......

right now, things are humming along nicely.....OSX.1 runs superbly on my Cube.....:D