TruBlueEnv... 1.04G? Well now...


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Hey all,

In watching top, while trying to figure out why it takes Mozilla 28 seconds to open a new window. (A whole other topic) I noticed that TruBlueEnv while not taking up large amounts of CPU, certainly has a huge Vsize of 1.04G.

Is there anything a. wrong with this number? b. I can do to decrease?



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... nothing wrong with this whatsoever... :)
actually, classic isn't really using all this ram, it's just being told by os x that it's got this much ram, which has something to do with the way 9.xx divides up available ram as opposed to x... so, no need to worry, you can ignore the vsize, it's normal ... :)


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Thank you, thank you...

In reading the man pages I missed that whole "currently allocated" part...