TrueType in Xfree


I would like to have the same TrueType fonts in OS X, Classic and Xfree. I often do some graphic stuff using Photoshop (and now GIMP) and I would like all these to have similar font config.

As I understand it, classic MacOS and Xfree TrueTypes are not compatible and must thus be converted to the windows format to be used in Xfree.

What about OS X? Would OS X be able to use the same TrueType formats as XFree? Could I put both OS X and XFree fonts in the same folder and have those shared between the 2?

Also, I consulted this:

The problem I have is that they refer to a XF86Config file that does not seem to be present on my system. Do I have to create a new file by that name or is the config file somewhere else (under a different name)?