Try my network puzzle game (mixing Airport Express and old-school routers)


a.k.a. dundee
Here are the tools:

- iMac with an airport card (OS X 10.4)
- eMac with no airport card (OS X 10.4)
- Airport express brick
- Old Di-713P linksys wireless router (which I got for free, so i'll try to work with - it has WAN + 3 ports in back)
- High-speed DSL modem

Crossing my fingers, I'd like to connect the whole thing together. The tricky part is to connect the eMac+WirelessRouter to the existing wireless network of the Airport. Unless I do it the other way around, and connect the modem to the router and then try to establish a connection to that network with the AirportExpress brick.

The other thing is this router is directly supported for the Mac. But it seems there a re ways to go around it: - BTW how do i get it's IP address? The usual doens't work in safari.

The big question is: is there a way to force setup this whole thing?

I would qualify myself as an "light serious amateur" as networking skills go, so I know all the basics, but hardly anything more technical (as coding, ports and such).

Any suggestions and tips? Thanks.


You may want to reset the router to it's factory defaults (not knowing where it's been, it could have been configured in a non-default way). Here is the url: / DI-713P / DI-714P+ / DI-804HV / DI-808HV

Off of the top of my head, I see the config like this:

1) DSL into WAN port of router. Set up with your ISP specific configurations.
2) Router providing DHCP addresses for your equipment.
3) eMac by Ethernet cable into router LAN port
4) iMac with Airport card using wireless. You will need to use the 128Bit Hex password generated by the router when you connect to the network.

In this configuration, the Airport express would not be needed.

Hope this helps.


It is not a 'network puzzle game' at all.

You have a D-Link router, not a LinkSys router.

You are attempting to use the D-Link router in place of an Airport Card on the (unknown model) eMac.

You pose the possiblity of connecting the D-Link router in place of the (unknown model and manufacturer) DSL modem connected Aiport Express with AirTunes. It is apparent you have not reviewed 'wireless bridging' in Apple's Technology Review; nor, the DI-713P manual.

Also, via the DI-713P manual - '' is the address of the router's internal server. If 'Safari' cannot access it, then there are 'Camino', 'Firefox', 'iCab', 'Internet Explorer', 'OmniWeb', 'Opera', and / or 'Shiira'. Any or all can be loacated via a 'Google' (or equivalent) search.


91rioja - what you post is correct; however, from ony_gosshamer's post - he is attempting to use the DI-713P in place of an Airport Card, so the eMac can be connected - wirelessly.

Since the DI-713P is 802.11b and the APE is 802.11g, the DI-713P cannot be connected to the DSL model, and the APE connected to the eMac - as a bridge.


Purchase the correct version Airport Card for the eMac, install it, and enjoy connecting to your network and the internet.


My fault; I did not correctly read the OP. I just jumped into the "Big question" of forcing it to work.


'My fault', nothing negative intended; besides - been there, done that, and will most likely - do such again, myself.