Trying to build MING for OSX - Anyone did the module?


Hello all,

Me and a friend tried to compile MING for OSX, wich ended in a problem with linked libraries. After having read some thread over here, I'm beginning to understand why.

Is there by change anyone who got MING working as a module or DID build it for OSX?

BTW: MING [ ] is a library that makes it possible to create .swf files via PHP.

Meanwhile, in 2004..

I must warn you that back in 2001 we spend days and days, trying to get it to work, without succes. Eventually we even installed Linux for PowerPC on my computer - but even that was a failure - to get the 'normal' lib to work.

Finally we gave up by lack of time.

Of course the MING is furter now, but it's still in beta and there is still very little documentation. I think it pretty lame that the author asks for assistence in writing the documentation, while he is pretty much the only one who knows how it works.

Also, Flash 6 and up allows you to load JPG's dynamicly anyway, taking away the main reason for using MING in the first place..