Trying to figure out FTP


I've looked near and far and have heard from many other people the same problem. Finding a concise document to set up a ftp server on os x is hard to find. Basically I am looking for some tips on theses few task which I can not figure out and I believe would help many other os x newbies. 1) I have set up a ftpchroot file to resrict users to thier home directories but how do I provide them a link in their home directory to a community folder for all of them to upload and download from. -- If chroot is not the way to go then how do I keep them in a home directory and allow them into a cummunity folder but not allow them anywhere else. 2)How do I limit access to say 2 logins per user and limit their bandwidth. 3) How do I go about setting up groups in user administration say so that all ftp users would be in thier own user group of ftp. 4)How do i sett up passive-mode. If anyone could shed some light on these relativly simple task which are complicated to us newbies please please feel free to. Or directly email me at Thank You

p.s. I have tried creating a ftpaccess file but I do not think it worked or I either used wrong syntax. So Guys please help me out or it be another sad night of banging the head on the bar till I can tell my boss I have ftp working properly for the office. :D
ftp is usually insecure on OS X. By default, non-root volumes will have anonymous rwx access, or unpredictable access. You should be very careful if you turn on ftpd
I understand thet insecurities in ftpd in os x due to the rooted volume structure that is why i am trying to implement some slighty stronger security to tighten it up a little stronger by maintaing the user to his home directory with permission to one other publicly shared directory which i cannot figure how to get to work because of ftpchroot unless their is a work around i am unaware of. i have read the man pages and have researched online that is why i am posting for advice. so... if you know how to help me it would be apprecieated or at least able to point me in the right direction to answer the above stated posted question. and yes i have heard of the java based ftp program called crush but i am not fond of it and would rather run a service that is default on the system for reasons pertainting to cost and faster implementation allbeit the posiblitty of more command line work to have it function smoothly and properly.
The standard ftp daemon(s) included with Mac OS X won't do what your asking (atleast not all of it). However, if you wander over to I'm sure you'll find something more to your liking, with documentation.
I noticed that the latest version of wu-ftpd can be downloaded and installed so that feature that i am possibly interested in can be implemented through ftpaccess file. Now my problem is i tried to build and install the latest version of it but it does not work. it is giving me an error related to the bin directory. could this be becasue they have it hidden. Any help would be great if someone has gotten wu-ftpd to install fine.