Trying to get definitive answer


I finally broke down and ordered OSX, but before I install (g4/450/256RAM/20GHD/9.0.4, SCSI card), I am trying to get a definitive answer - Can I reboot into 9.0.4 after I've installed OSX? I understand my USB printer will not work at this time, so I'll need to go into 9.0.4 if I want to print.

Should I be scared, or should I take the plunge?

You can change which OS you want to boot into in the startup disk portion of system prefs in OS X and a new control panel that is installed in 9 called system disk.

If I were you I would split that 20 GB hard drive into 2 partitions and install 9.04 on 1 and X on the other. This will make your life easier. Make sure you backup before installing.

OS X is great. Hasn't crashed yet & is faster than 9 on my system. Have fun. :D