Trying to use my HD for ipod backup


My problems all started when I decided that I really needed to delete all my itunes music from my PB as they were taking up too much space. I have my ipod syncing with itunes so I think to myself, what better way to backup my ipod music but to just use my external FW HD.

So, first thing is that I copied my whole MUSIC folder to my HD, then I deleted all the library from the itunes.

I now have a MUSIC folder on my extrenal HD and my ipod still has all the songs on it.

Next I thought,ok, can't just drag the music in all their playlist integrity to my HD in the future, how about make that MUSIC folder on my HD and tell itunes to use it in the ADVANCE menu. did this but it's not seeing that folder.

I thought this might be an ideal way to back up my ipod with al lthe integrity of my playlists in place?

can anyone advise please?