Turn Off Apop In Apple Mail


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I am in the tech support for a web hosting company and came across this error recently for a client who is using a Mac.

This is from the clients query
I have OS X 10.3.9 - it was originally 10.3.2, but I recently downloaded a system ugrade from the "Software Updates" option. Mail is "Mail" 1.3.11 (v622).

About every 2nd or 3rd email I send gets rejected, then I have to quit and restart my Mail program.

The server shows that the client is tryin to login via APOP which the server doesnt support. I have been unable to locate a way in which to turn off APOP for Mail. I assume Mail defaults to APOP?

Can anyone help?

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Mobin K.
check mail > preferences > account tab
bottom left + and - enables you to add/delete mail account

don't see the APOP features though : .mac, POP, IMAP, and exchange;
are the account type choice given ?
I'm sorry, but this does not help at all...
my network administrator has warned me that if i do not find a solution within two week, he will disable my access to the network!

He receive an error message every minute when mail try to connect first via APOP, then switch to regular password...

Does anyone has a solution?

simbalala said:
Doesn't the server support SMPT? Just set Mail to use SMPT, problem solved.

it's for getting mails, not sending...

I had to disable the automatic "get new mails" and i'm justing checking them manually every hour...