tv adapter?


Hello everyone, I have a question about my apple ibook g4. I know it comes with a video adapter but that goes into another monitor, but i was wondering how do i project it into my tv? i've tried looking at the apple store but the results only showed the video adapter i have. Thanks.
yes, but the problem is that i have an old tv and i do not have a s-video only the, white and yellow plugs. is there any solution to this besides buying a new tv? thanks.
It sounds like your "red, white and yellow plugs" are RCA, or phono connectors, and the Apple site says the adapter will "connect to your TV, VCR, or overhead projector's S-Video or RCA (composite) cable" so it seems your excuse for buying a flash new tv is hosed.
Cheers, Alex.
if you have a vhs or dvd player, you can buy an s-video to scart adapter and plug in the cable to a free scart socket.